Saturday, November 23, 2019

Fall Turns into Winter in Vermont

  A lot has happened this Fall. Mostly it has been taken up with the antics of our two wonderful kids. There is nothing to quite prepare you for having two under two. It used to be that when I was carrying Catalina, then Heidi would be having a little I look over and we each have one in our arms. That just means I need to take both of them, one of the back and one on the front. In between family time in Vermont I have squeezed in a few short UnCruise rotations in Alaska, Pacific Northwest, and finally Hawaii.

   Now it is November and changes are afoot. The golden orange and red leaves have long since fallen, and have been replaced by snow and ice. The Vermont view is beautiful in both of these seasons. We had an exceptionally majestic morning after an evening of light snow that I managed to capture these psuedo time lapse pictures of. This is looking right down the driveway to the tallest mountain peak in Vermont, Mt. Mansfield.

   And with the coming of winter it means I am switching up things professionally. Instead of finishing the season in Hawaii I am heading down to Beunos Aires, Argentina to jump on a Silversea adventure cruise ship called the Silver Cloud. I'll be a naturalist and zodiac driver for trips to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and eventually across the ocean to Cape Town. Not only is this a new adventure to be excited about but it will also be my seventh continent.

  So stay tuned for more updates to come!