Friday, December 14, 2018

Snorkel with Dad at Two Step, Big Island Hawaii

A secret spot of sand
Snorkelers at Two Step
One of my favorite snorkel spots in the Hawaiian Islands is locally known as Two Step. A beautiful bay south of Kailua Kona, lined with black lava rocks and filled with gorgeous protected coral draws loads of tourists and locals to its clear waters. Sometimes early in the mornings groups of spinner dolphins cruise around the bay, and there are always tons of beautiful fish here. Some of the healthiest, biggest corals in the state also can be found here at Two Step.

School of Yellow Tangs
  A perfect lava bench sits at the edge of the bay. Stepping down onto another bench just at water level that provides easy access to the snorkel site is where the bay gets its name. This was Catalina's first trip to the bay and luckily we found a great little spot of sand that we shared with a couple of other families. The snorkeling was great as usual, and even though the dolphins weren't around, it was fun to share this experience with my dad. Couldn't ask for a much better birthday gift than that.

Dad giving the OK sign

Freediver extreme

Freediving into a cave

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