Sunday, March 30, 2014

Maui Sea Turtles

  Snorkeling or scuba diving with sea turtles is one of the must do things here in Maui. Protected status has given these Hawaiian green sea turtles a chance to recover in numbers and now they can be found at most dive and snorkel sites.

  Sometimes you encounter them in the shallows, scraping algae off the rocks. Other times you see them resting or having their shell cleaned by fish down on the bottom of the reef. And sometimes it seems like a turtle highway as turtles cruise by on their way to somewhere in mid water.
  They have become one of my favorite photography subjects. Some seem to be easier to work with than others, just like human models. But when you find the right turtle who doesn't mind showing off a bit the results can be quite amazing. Add some colorful reef and clear water and you have a recipe for some nice fine art sea turtle images.

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