Saturday, March 29, 2014

Diving for Frogfish and Nudibranchs in Maui

Tiny baby frogfish
  Frogfish and nudibranchs were both high on the list of animals to find while on our scuba dive vacation to Maui. We checked some of our favorite dive sights like mala pier, five graves, and white rock, as well as doing a bit of muck diving and it paid off with 4 frogfish and countless nudibranchs. I love diving in Maui.

Wire coral goby
   Maui can be an underwater macro photographers dream. Tiny gobies like the one above live on wire coral on the fringes of the reef. Moray eels of many shapes and patterns can be found hidden among the cracks and even within the branches of live coral.

White Bump Nudibranch
Big Fin Squid
  Nighttime brings out the unusual critters like flatworms, rarely seen nudibranchs, and squid. This big fin squid pictured on the right is the biggest one Heidi and I have ever seen in Hawaii.

  And of course no trip to Maui would be complete without a few nudibranch hunts. We found some old favorites and even a couple of new ones. The colors and patterns of these sea slugs make them a favorite of macro photographers.

Adult Frogfish

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