Thursday, March 6, 2014

Behind Diamond Head: Surf and Sand

  There are always new spots to explore, secret beaches to find, and solid surf spots to test out here on Oahu. My latest find was a real beauty. While thousands of tourists are climbing up the trail to the top of Diamond Head crater, just behind it locals are climbing down the cliff to a beautiful strip of sand fronted with some well formed, easy going waves.

  There are a few breaks over the patches of reef which spreads out the crowd. And there is almost always a crowd. During the winter months this south shore break is great for beginners and intermediate surfers but I hear it can get pretty wild during those big summer south swells. From on top of the cliff it is easy to see the reef below the surfers.

   The beach here winds down the beautiful coast, filled with palm trees, towards the
million dollar estates of Kahala. Only a few people were strolling the beach. It is a steep trail to get down to the sand but well worth it for this little piece of serenity.

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