Sunday, October 9, 2011

Commando Hike, Maui, part 2

 The Commando Hike, cont.

After making it through the vines and swimming through the little waterfall pool things really got interesting. A large downed tree signified the start of our waterfall climbing section of the hike. We ducked through a small tunnel, bored out of the rock by the water and then climbed our way up about twelve feet, chimney style. This is where some people turn back. But you don't want to miss whats ahead.

  The cave entrance was way bigger than I expected. The creek was running pretty low but looking up at the cave ceiling 35 feet above was a good reminder how fast and powerful this water can run. Much more waterfall/rock climbing greeted us inside. I was surprised at the nice foot and hand holds in the slick rock face.
    Just as the light from the entrance disappeared I caught a glimpse of the exit. Rock hopping the creek through the cave was not just exciting because of the dark, but also because deep filled in sinkholes were interspaced so you had no idea when and where to expect them. Luckily I was behind Josh and Marcel so I would catch a glimpse of one of them disappearing underwater marking the next deep pool. While this is a tough hike, going through this cave is worth all the effort. I havn't done anything else quite like it.

 After squeezing out of the exit of the cave you quickly round the corner and are greeted with this incredible view (see picture below). A secluded swimming hole with tiered waterfall is just one of the many payoffs for this hike. Not even a little chill from the rain could keep us out of this pool. We thought we would check out the cliff jumping possibilities as well...

Marcel going native, or is he just giving his best Gollum imitation?

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