Saturday, March 20, 2010

Heading out again!

To all those following along you know that this departure has been a long time in the coming. We have been here in South Padre Island for three weeks. The boat has been hauled out, painted, we got two new crew members, spring breakers have come, partied, and gone home, we celebrated a very green holiday, rubbed elbows with some Kemp Riddley sea turtles, and finally we are set to depart.
Several upgrades have been added to the Odyssey during this time. The most excited for all of you will be the addition of a SPOT gps locater. Thru it we can send out OK, SOS, and help messages as well as the ability for you to follow our track online! I have put the link up at the top of the website although at the time you have to cut and paste it into your browser. (if you dont know how to cut and paste just ask my mom. she is in the reference department)
The plan is to set out on Monday the 22nd on the back end of this North front. 6 maybe 7 days at sea. Heading towards the Yucatan. Wish us luck!
-Dai Mar


  1. no worries folks, the link to the SPOT page is up. Just click and go. No need to cut and paste. Enjoy!

  2. OK, I got it! Now, do the numbers correspond to the direction you took..lowest to highest?
    What a good thing to have...the more safety measures, the better!

  3. Yep the numbers are in order. And you know me, safety first...for real though.


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