Thursday, May 1, 2014

Secret Rainforest Hike with Mad Dog and Tori

 Just off one of the crowded highways tunneling its way through the Ko'olau Mountains there is a small winding road where waterfalls and dense bamboo thickets come into view. Small, unmarked trails lead off into the bamboo which can promise hidden treasures for the intrepid hikers willing to risk losing not just their way, but also a flip flop or two in the deep mud.

 With two friends out for a visit I decided to head back to this rainforest section of Oahu to show them the ancient remains of Kamehameha III's summer house and one of my favorite waterfalls. I was a little worried about the rain clouds hovering over Nuuanu valley at first, but after a light misting we stayed relatively dry. 

   Everything was very lush after a few days of rain and in parts the trail was quite muddy. The waterfall trail has a few stream crossings in it which make for good foot washing spots. We ended up having both places all to ourselves. It just goes to show you that even on the most populated island there are ways of finding your own private tropical island experience. All you need is to know where to look.

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