Saturday, May 2, 2015

Sights of Downtown Seattle

Pike Place Market
Fresh Seafood at Pike Place Market
  A rare afternoon off sparked a quick sightseeing trip through the quirky downtown waterfront district of Seattle. I figured Pike Place Market would be a good place to start. A Starbucks sat across the road but I was told that it wasn't the first, but if I wanted to see the first it was only two blocks away. I stepped inside the market to see stalls ranging from African masks and trinkets to all kinds of flowers and of course the famous fish tossing stalls as well. What I assume were salty fishermen lined the stalls in the grundens (at least they looked like salty fishermen.)

Gum Wall, Post Alley
Seattle Aquarium
  There were a couple of good overlooks from the market down to the waterfront so my next mission was to find a way there through all the construction. Going down through the Post Alley I came across a bizarre site which turned out to be the famous Gum Wall. People have color coated the walls with chewed gum giving it a very disgusting but artistic facade. Several people brought gum here just to chew and add to the decorations. I think my sister Lea would like this kind of site.

Downtown Seattle Waterfront

Seattle Great Wheel
Inside the first ever Starbucks
  The dominating feature on the waterfront is the Great Wheel, a huge Ferris wheel near the Seattle Aquarium. I spent some time here soaking it all in before heading back into downtown for a quick jaunt through the very first Starbucks ever. It was a happening place, much like Seattle.

  Heading back to the ship I couldn't help but stop and admire the reflections of all the boats in the glassy calm water of Fishermen's Terminal. Now it's almost time to say goodbye to sunny Seattle and ship off for an adventure filled summer in Alaska.

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