Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wild Dolphin Search, Maui

 Wild dolphin search is a great name for this trip out of Lahaina, Maui. With all kinds of different dolphins species around but also with no telling where and when you might see them it can be a wonderful experience for all, although a bit stressful for the captain if the dolphins are being extra elusive. On our last trip that I drove we lucked out. We found the dolphins after only 26 minutes of searching and we found lots of them. About 150 spinner dolphins racing across the channel between Maui and Lana'i. The wind backed off and the sun was shining giving us perfect conditions to see dolphins above and below the water racing alongside the boat. The water was clear and glassy as we spent a good hour and fifteen minutes during two different encounters with this large pod.
   Sometimes I get high school kids on board that are interested in Marine Biology and I tell them that throughout their studies people will try to dissuade them and say its not really playing with dolphins like you think, its all computer models and micro biology nowadays. Those people are the ones I like to send these pictures to the most. Like most things in life it really is what you make it.

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