Saturday, December 22, 2018

Turtles and Sunsets on a Secret Beach, Big Island Hawaii

Just me and this turtle on our own Big Island beach
  With another month of trips onboard the Safari Explorer with UnCruise Hawaii in store I managed to find a quick adventure in my remaining few hours before going onboard. After landing at the Kailua Kona airport on the Big Island where I will meet the ship, I grabbed a rental car and cruised a few minutes north on the highway to a turnoff for the lava rock coast. A long bumpy road ensued over the lava fields. Off in the distance and slowly coming closer into sight was a beautiful oasis of palm trees surrounded by the jet black lava rock.

  The road to Kekaha Kai Beach park is not one for the faint of heart or cars with low clearance. However after seeing the secret beaches and beautiful coves from the plane as we descended made me have no doubt this adventure would be worth it. The close the park at 7pm, and the sun was already low on the horizon so I knew I had to act fast. Luckily I'm pretty adept at jumping from lava rock to lava rock in my local slippers which definitely came in handy.

  The setting sun through the palms provided a wonderful opportunity for photos. A few people remained but by this time of day I had big swaths of the beach to myself. I did end up sharing the beach with a couple of green sea turtles that hauled themselves up for a respite. I managed to get a few photos without disturbing their rest that really encapsulated the amazing experience of an exploration paying off. Now to switch my mind back into leading trips through the islands from the comfortable platform of the Safari Explorer.

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Beautiful Big Island Sunset

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