Friday, November 2, 2018

We made it to the Mara Concord Game Lodge!

Bernard treating us right
Our rooms at Mara Concord
  Our last big stop on our whirlwind tour was the famous Masai Mara National Reserve. This park is the crown jewel of Kenya, and is their continuation of the Serengeti across the border in Tanzania. It is home to the Great Migration, the Big 5, and the warrior nomads known as the Massai.

At the Tanzania/Kenya border
  We are staying at the Mara Concord Game Lodge. It was a long trip here from our morning game drive in Lake Nakuru, and down one of the bumpier roads we had been on in Kenya....which is saying something. Luckily we had the audio book version of  Harry Potter Book 1 playing to help pass the time. Early on Erica said she wan't Harry to become a quidditch hero by the time we got there and he very nearly did.

Everyone was very eager to get out of the vehicle once we finally arrived. We were greeted by the staff and the moist towel and fresh fruit juice. When we were shown to our rooms we realized that we had the entire lodge to ourselves for the night. We breathed a sigh of relief while unpacking, knowing that we were here for three whole nights. The staff was over-the-top attentive as we were the only ones here. They built a big traditional fire for us right next to the Mara river flowing by outside of our rooms. We could hear hippos bellowing from the water just downstream as we sat around the fire enjoying our cold drinks. Bernard kept the bottles of wine coming during dinner as everyone said yet again, "how can it get any better tomorrow?"

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