Friday, March 21, 2014

Sights of Waikiki

The vast 314ft-long Vava II - which costs more than £250,000 just to fill the fuel tanks - was commissioned for former Miss UK Kirsty Bertarelli, 40, by her billionaire husband Ernesto, 46.

Diamond Head Crater
  With a sunny morning in Waikiki I decided to go for a stroll and see what picture opportunities open up. The beach was packed with tourists enjoying spring break out of the snow, and some massive yachts sat just offshore in the calm leeward waters.

  With a few different lenses I think a walking photo safari through Waikiki could be a great way to while away an afternoon. I would suggest early morning as the sun is rising over Diamond Head crater or sunset time as the setting sun lights up the clouds over the sparkling Pacific Ocean. You might even get lucky and catch some of the Friday night fireworks or some surfers wave sliding until dark. But first things first...parking. For those secrets my lips are more tightly sealed.
Moana Surfrider, est. 1901


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