Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hanauma Bay Snorkel, Turtles, and Fish

  With the morning off I had my pick of adventures. I knew the waves would be big on the North Shore, it is that season, but I hadn't been under the water in a while. So I grabbed my underwater camera housing and headed off to the southeast corner of Oahu. There are a couple of decent snorkeling and scuba sites around this side of the island, as long as it isn't too windy or wavy. I like the little beach next to the Halona blowhole, and the area under the Makapu'u Lighthouse is beautiful as well. But I figured enough time had passed since I had been to Hanauma Bay that I should give it another chance.

When Heidi and I first moved out here we went scuba diving in Hanauma and were pretty underwhelmed. This time was much better. The visibility was pretty darn good, about 60 feet and once I was out of the cut into the deeper water I started to find some interesting marine life.

Green Sea Turtle in Flight
  I stuck with this young green sea turtle for quite awhile. He was pretty slow moving and very hungry. He would spend a long time with his face pushed up against the reef scraping off algae. It took a while for him to warm up to me but towards the end of our photo shoot he was swimming right up to the camera.

School of Convict Tangs
  Also helping keep the reef rid of pesky algae were giant schools of convict tangs. By the looks of things all the hard work educating and conserving out at Hanauma Bay are starting to pay off.

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  1. Hanauma bay is great spot for families to snorkel and experience Hawaii’s marine life. Make sure to arrive early since the parking lot can fill up by 10am. The area is a large protected preserve and snorkeling is pretty good all year. You’ll see many varieties of fish. When there is a big swell, it can be bumpy and the water churned up making visibility difficult. the fish are approachable and seem to not be afraid of humans. There is an educational center at the top of the cliffs where you can learn about all the different marine life in the area. You are required to watch a short video on how you should snorkel and protect the reef. There is a small fee for entry. Be sure to lock your car and take valuables with you as the lot is known for theft. Here’s some photos from our visit to Hanauma Bay.


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