Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Safe and Sound

We made it! We sailed the Odyssey into the island port of Isla Mujeres, Mexico early yesterday morning (3/29).
The voyage started off interestingly with the bilge pump cutting off on our final check right before leaving the dock. Then as we are working on the electronics for that the water pump kicks over for the final time. The weater outside was perfect and we were missing it. But Ryan and I dove into fixing these two things and after an hour had the bilge back up and running (it was a bad connection) and we had replaced the water pump with a brand new one. We topped off our water supply and cast off our lines about 3:30pm on Sunday 21st.
A few miles our a fitting that the vang and the reefing lines run to broke. I thought to myself, "oh no, not another trip like last one." But luckily that was the last thing that broke down the entire trip. We did have to change out the furling line for the jib as it was about to sheer in half due to chafe. This was a challenge as we had to work at the very head of the boat with waves crashing over us. I was soaked but relieved when the new line was lead much better and didnt chafe the rest of the trip!
More details about the trip and upcoming plans are on the way!

Dai Mar-1

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